What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You about the Ocean Beach Parrots

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Ocean Beach ParrotsNeighborhoods across America enjoy a rich history of hometown lore, but the stories surrounding the “wild” – and loud! – parrots of Ocean Beach, California are especially intriguing.

The explanation among locals about the vocal birds’ arrival to their beach city range from the sad to the scientific: some say that two mated Amazon parrots were the lone survivors from a pet shop fire in the 1960s and started breeding in the city, while others suggest the birds were run out of their natural habitats for environmental reasons.

Though many of these “naturalized” birds call Ocean Beach home, many have also come to roost in nearby beach cities like Point Loma and La Jolla – even Los Angeles. If you are considering purchasing Ocean Beach real estate, you may have a parrot as a friendly neighbor!

According to San Diego’s chapter of the Audubon Society, “there are several hundred wild and naturalized parrots” in our county in communities like Ocean Beach, and they’re a growing, robust population – they survive on seeds and the nectar from our lush tropical plants and fruits and easily roost in urban areas. The California Parrot Project says it wasn’t any one event – like a decades ago pet shop fire – that introduced them, but dozens, even hundreds, of separate events including escapees from the pet bird trade.

Ocean Beach, of course, has even more going for it than the possibility of running into an exotic bird on your evening walk. The funky beach town is renowned for its independent streak and easy-going vibe, and it’s a community brimming with activity.

  • Restaurants and Drinks: San Diego is a national hub for craft beer, and in Ocean Beach you can pair award-winning brews with terrific pizza at Pizza Port Ocean Beach, or choose from the huge local tap selection (along a tasty, generous bowl of pho) at O.B. Noodle House. The area is also home to the legendary Hodad’s hamburgers and countless Mexican joints boasting carne asada burritos and fish tacos.
  • Healthy, Local Food Options: The O.B. Farmers’ Market sets up shop every Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. at the 4900 block of Newport Avenue. What you can’t find there, you’ll likely find at the renowned People’s Organic Food Market, a vegetarian cooperative started in 1972.
  • Beaches: Take Fido along to Ocean Beach’s beloved dog beach, or enjoy a day of fishing at the city’s namesake pier.
  • Annual Events: From the community’s Oktoberfest celebration to its Independence Day fireworks show, you can find lots of information on a host of annual events through the OB Mainstreet Association.

If Ocean Beach sounds like your kind of town, this condo – priced under $300,00 – may be your perfect entrée into the Ocean Beach real estate market and a community that’s truly one-of-a-kind.