The One Tool You Need for a Smooth Move With Kids

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Moving with Kids? One Website Helps You Find the Best Schools for Your Family


Perhaps nowhere is the bittersweetness of moving seen more poignantly than in Pixar’s original “Toy Story.” If Woody, Buzz, and the gang have a tough time when Andy and his family pack up and move across town, imagine the emotional challenges that moving can present to your little ones.

One good way to help your children get excited about an upcoming move is to get them pumped up about their new school(s).Tips for Moving with Children | SD County Realty

To do that, though, you’re going to have to do some homework of your own – and make sure your family’s new home is in a strong public district and/or provides you reasonable access to private and charter school options.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available now to help you and your kids prepare for the changes that a move can present, and help you find a school that suits you as well as your dream home.

One of the best? It’s a pretty comprehensive website that allows parents to research a host of subjects surrounding moves and news schools, including:

  • Information on public vs. private vs. charter schools
  • Questions to ask personnel at your schools – about safety, learning, etc.
  • Ideas for helping children adjust to a move
  • Details about specific schools – including what programs are offered, parent reviews, test scores, and a 1-10 ranking for that school.
  • And lots more! also has a new map tool that’s really cool – and really helpful to moving parents. You simply type in the areas you’re considering on the map, and zoom in to find more information on the schools in those areas. You can even see houses available for sale in the district of schools you like.

It’s summertime now, and that means lots of families are getting ready to make the big move to or within San Diego County. Do a little research and see if this resource doesn’t help you find some schools and homes that fit you.