Buying a Home


Buying a home in San Diego is the best investment you will ever make

And here at SD County Realty, we understand the financial and emotional roller coaster that comes with shopping for, and then buying a home.

San Diego is one of the most desirable counties in the United States to live in. A total population of 3.2 million, residents enjoy beaches, a vibrant downtown, sporting events, horse races, hiking, mountain climbing, beautiful views at every turn, and most of all – the weather. So we know you want to live here, but where do you even start the process of buying a home in San Diego?


We encourage every customer, friend, colleague, or peer to research the following before deciding to shop for a home in San Diego County:


  1. Price. When shopping for anything, the first thing we look at is the sticker price. Before buying a home, create a realistic budget in advance and stick to it. Better still, it is a good idea to get pre-approved for a loan prior to house shopping in order to know exactly what is affordable and what is not. Be sure to include additional costs such as interest and closing costs.
  2. Renovations. While a home in need of renovations can be an attractive option, especially for buyers home improvement backgrounds, it is important to look carefully at what renovations need to be done to make the house suitable for you. A home that needs carpet and new paint is an easy fix. A home that needs an updated irrigation system and new plumbing fixtures is sometimes common, but did you include that in your budget? When rennovations start to include gutting kitchens or landscape renovations, you need to start thinking realistically about the budget you established.
  3. Location. Buying a home in San Diego, many may argue that you are buying in the best location there is! But there are many different neighborhoods and landscapes to consider. Most people have an ideal location in mind when they start shopping for a home in San Diego. Sometimes location can be compromised when you find the home with the features and layout you need. However, for those who are thinking about resale value, the location is of the utmost importance.
    The beach is what comes to mind for most when considering San Diego, however there are several desirable neighborhoods to consider. Some are within walking distance to downtown or historical areas. Some have easier access to public transportation, such as college campus areas, than others. Some San Diego communities are right off the coast, while others are inland and don’t get that cool ocean breeze, but have abundant access to hiking trails. If you have young children, it’s always best to research the school districts as well.
  4. Layout. The way a house flows from one room to the next should be considered when looking at a home. The layout has to “feel” right and be conducive to your lifestyle and family size. It is very difficult to make significant changes to the layout of any home. Therefore, look beyond the simple aesthetics and pay attention to the layout.
  5. Views. The fact is that San Diego is a scenic area. With plenty of ocean and mountain views, people will grab for any vista of our beautiful landscape they can find. Therefore, finding a house with a nice view can be a huge bonus when it comes to long-term property value.

We know – this a lot to consider! And when looking at homes for sale in San Diego County, at first glance it may seem as though you can’t get everything you want in your investment. But if you work with a committed, dedicated, and trust-worthy real estate professional like SD County Realty, we will find you and your family the perfect match without sacrificing your vision. We do our absolute best to find your dream home, negotiate the best price, and help you understand every detail along the way.

Investing in San Diego real estate will be the largest and best decision you will ever make.  And we will be there for you even after close of escrow should you still have questions – because each of our customers become part of the SD County Realty family. Visit our testimonials page to hear more from our satisfied clients!

Let this journey of buying a home in San Diego County be worry and stress free! Call SD County Realty to get started today!