The 6 Best Twitter Feeds To Follow For Increasing Home Values

Increasing Home Values In San Diego County

Great! Our headline must have worked because you have landed here, on the SD County Realty Blog Page. And just as when it comes to helping you achieve your real estate dreams, we deliver! If you are thinking of selling your home any time in the future, as a responsible homeowner, staying proactive with home maintenance and upkeep is crucial. Increasing curb appeal, as well as designing an interior that will make buyers jaws drop, is also part of the plan when it comes to increasing the value of your home. You need to do all three in order to get that asking price that you know your home is worth.

Feeling overwhelmed already? We are here to help. We have listed our favorite twitter feeds that offer the best advice for maintenance, design, and projects specifically for increasing home values in San Diego County:

1. @HouseLogic  The names says it all. Simply stated this feed offers nothing but tips and tricks for home improvements that help you sell your home, as the company is a division of the National Association of Realtors

2. @HouseHappy  This company is a search portal for finding a home, but the content delivered in their tweets will surely make a “happy house” ready for buyers

3. @Remodilsta  The ultimate sourcebook for architects and interior designers, the galleries and content here will surely inspire your next home renovation

4. @ThisOldHouse  This first-rate, well-known, and America’s favorite home improvement group has been around for decades. And they are regularly tweeting their best tips and tricks

5. @HouseBeautiful This company’s mission is to solely beautify your home. We can bet you could spend hours on this feed gathering ideas!

6. @SDCRealtor Yes, that’s us! We know the San Diego market inside and out, and follow these feeds mentioned. If you don’t want to clog up your twitter feed, just follow us and we will tweet our favorites!

So rest easy, let the advice come to you for free on your twitter account! Thank us later when we sell your home for the asking price you deserve!